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Shiv Vada Sell is still illegal!

Shiv Vada

The questions are raised over the capabilities of the ruling party Shivsena leaders as the scheme is still not been sanctioned

Shiv VadaMumbai: The much buzzed four years old Shiv Vada pav scheme is still not legal. The ruling Shivsena leaders in the Municipal Corporation have failed to do so. Thus the questions are raised on the working culture of the Shivsena leaders over the ‘We did it’ propaganda in the corporation.

The brain child of Shivsena, Shiv Vada pav, the scheme was started to provide the employment to the needy. The Shivsena did a much of a kind ‘hall-gulla’ while starting the scheme. It was assured by the ruling party in the corporation that 125 such vehicles would be made available under the scheme.

Many unemployed youth in Shivsena applied and deposited the money so as to get the vehicle. It is informed that each applicant had deposited Rs 40,000 for one vehicle. But after seeing that the Municipal Corporation did not authorized the scheme, many applicants contacted regularly to get their money back. But it is reported that the money could not be returned so far yet, as the ‘within the party’ delay made things difficult for these youth. It is seen that the unemployed youth have not been returned the deposited money yet.

Sharad Bande, License Superintendent, MMC, said, “The Shivsena is in power in the municipal corporation from past one and half decade. The opposition in the corporation accuses the ruling party leaders for the misuse of their power time to time.”

He further said, “The oppositions’ allegations come true when the scheme like Shiv Vada runs illegally without the corporation’s sanction. The Shivsena tried hard to get 125 vehicles for selling the eatery. But the ruling party leaders failed to get the sanctions for the scheme from the civic administration,” Bande said.

Bande added, “Instead it is a say from the ruling party itself that more than 250 vehicles are running the vada business illegally. The municipal corporation has not authorized any such scheme from Shivsena yet so far. All such vehicles whether selling Shiv Vada or anything else be found, the action will be taken against them,” he said.

Talking with Prahaar, Rahul Shewale, chairman, standing committee, Mumbai Municipal Corporation, said, “The Shiv Vada pav scheme has not received the authorized permission from the municipal corporation. But a new policy is being designed to get the legal space to run Shiv Vada scheme under the central government’s hawkers’ policy,” he said.

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