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Shivering Sunday shrinks the city in warm folds…


Lowest temperature of 14.8 Degree Celsius was registered at Santacruz

WinterMumbai: As the country is experiencing the chilling cold waves, Mumbaikars experienced the coolest day this Sunday.

The mercury in the Thermometer dropped below to 14 Degree Celsius and the Mumbaikars saved themselves from the chilling winter with Sweaters, Mufflers and monkey caps.

It is reported that it was the least temperature registered in the city yet so far. The average temperature in the most of the districts in the state has been stabled. But the temperature is going down in Mumbai from past few days.

On Sunday morning, the people in Santacruz were experiences chill when the mercury dropped to 14.8 Degree Celsius. From past few days, the temperature in the city was decreased to 16 Degrees.

It is because of the cold waves in North India that showed effects on the climate of Mumbai.

A strong snow fall in Jammu and Kashmir and at Himachal Pradesh is taking place. The cold in Panjab, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh has increased thus the cold winds are heading towards the state and to Mumbai.

The minimum temperature in the state is stable and the cold waves in Central Maharashtra have decreased from past few days. The lowest temperature was registered at Ahmednagar few days before. Now the lowest temperature of 8 Degree Celsius was registered at Jeur in Solapur.

The temperature registered at other cities in the state such as follows: Nasik (8.7), Ahmednagar (9.9), Pune (9.1), Jalgaon (10.2) Amaravati (10.4)

Talking with Prahaar, Dr V K Rajiv, Director, Regional Meteorological Department, Mumbai, said, “The average temperature of the city for the next three days would be in between 14 to 16 degrees. If the effect of northern winds moves to other districts, the temperature in Mumbai would come at normal level,” he said.

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