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“Shivsena is unaware about issues in Konkan”: Nitesh Rane

Nitesh Rane_Rajapur

Shiv Sena is visibly taking Konkan for granted, said Nitesh Rane

Nitesh Rane_Rajapur

Rajapur: Those who never communicated, never related and moreover never concerned about issues of Konkan , think they can impose any candidate on you; Shiv Sena is visibly taking Konkan for granted. Should we vote for such candidate? asked youth leader of Congress, Nitesh Rane. He attacked Shiv Sena while speaking at a promotional campaign organized here in Bhu village. Along with him Former MLA Ganpat Kadam, Vice Sarpanch of Bhu village Shivani Mhadye and member of ZP Suresh Gurav were also present on dais.

In last Lok Sabha elections people here elected Shiv Sena’s Suresh Prabhu with 54 thousand votes but did he even looked back to you people after winning? asked Rane. Contrary to this, work undertaken by the Member of Parliament Dr Nilesh Rane, his communication with his constituency, his passion to develop Konkan, his crores of expenditure for development works are commendable, Rane said while mentioning difference when Shivsena candidate Vinayak Raut is compared to Dr Nilesh Rane.

Every election transforms the life of people in a country. So we must think about the kind transformation we are looking for. When we think about nation and Lok Sabha certain topics like development policies, security, foreign policies, agricultural policies and women related policies are given preference. Our elected representative must have knowledge and consciousness about this. The opposition candidate Vinayak Raut is far away from all these matters, criticized Rane.

Whereas, our well educated Dr Rane has worked with second largest, Ratnagiri-Sindhudurg constituency for five years. He reached all 4500 villages and spent his entire MP fund on it’s development. Not only had this but he persuaded various schemes of central government to execute here. He not only tackled issues faced by Konkan in Lok Sabha but protested on roads wherever needed. He has taken great efforts to reach each and every person and this has actually made our promotion campaign 50 per cent easier.

Issue of unemployment in Konkan

When Konkan has serious issue of unemployment, we don’t see anyone from opposition speaking about it. I should remind you that those days are gone when these people could play with your sentiments for their interests.

Youth in Konkan should stand strong behind Dr Nilesh Rane. We will be striving hard to bring employment in this region with new projects and factories like Mumbai and Sindhudurg. Youth do not need to worry about their employment anymore, Rane assured.

This constituency has rich history of people like Barrister Nath Pai and late Madhu Dandwate. Congress candidate Dr Nilesh Rane follows their footsteps. We believe that people residing in Konkan are our family members. Let us all be ready to elect Dr Rane with highest margin of votes to continue this thread of development in Konkan, appealed Nitesh Rane.

Establish strong public relation with voters                                 

The crores of rupees fund are approved to the Minister of Industries Narayan Rane to undertake development works in the town. Most importantly underground sewage project is under process in pace; funds for the security of fishermen’s residential colonies are also approved. When Congress is undertaking so many development works, what is Shivsena’s contribution in this? Hence, Congress party workers must establish strong public relation with voters, aware them about development works commenced by Narayan Rane, instructed Nitesh Rane to the party workers in a recent review meeting.

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