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Shivsena mews over Jaitapur Nuclear project


The main opposition of Jaitapur nuclear project Shivsena demanded that Nate village should be added to the list of project affected list and demanded the necessary aids

jaitapurNagpur: Shivsena, who was opposing the Jaitapur nuclear project earlier, has taken a mute stand over the project. Shivsena recently stated that the residents of Nate village would suffer with loss in their fishery business. Shivsena demanded that village should be declared as the ‘project affected’.

Jagannath Shetty and Kalidas Kolambkar raised a star question about the issue. While discussing the issue Shivsena members took a new stand over it. While answering the question, Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar said, “Jaitapur nuclear project is getting developed in fast pace. Thus the necessary land for the project has been acquired. The project is targeted and opposed by only one party. Thus they should not oppose the project and push the state into the darkness,” he said.

Shivsena members mewed on the issue and said the project would affect the fishery business of the villagers of Nate thus the village should be added into the ‘project affected’ category and demanded a necessary aid.

In reply Pawar said the people had been scientifically clarified that the fishery business would not be affected because of the nuclear project. He also said that some miscreants were spreading such rumors and there was no control upon them.

Shivsena members of the house remained silent over Pawar’s reply. Meanwhile, Pawar said that land of 2,336 citizens have been getting acquired for the project.

Pawar told house that earlier the rate for land acquisition was Rs 14 crore 77 lakh per hector. Out of which Rs 11 crore 56 lakh had been distributed. But considering the compensation was less, Rs 211 crore 5 lakh was fixed as a compensation out of which Rs 166 crore 37 lakh has been distributed.

He clarified the house that the project work was carried out in fast pace at present.

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