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Sindhudurg spends Rs 42 Crore on development


This year, from the amount of Rs 95 crore available with Sindhudurg district, Rs 42 crore had been spent on the development and scheme.

narayan-rane-300x176Sindhunagari: The sum of Rs 42 crore out of Rs 95 crore available with the district for development works and projects had been used during this year. Till date 40 per cent expenses have taken place and remaining will be completed by March. Though the government has given limit of Rs 65 crore for the next financial year’s annual planning, Minister for Industry, Port, Employment and self-employment of Maharashtra Narayan Rane who is also Minister In-charge of Sindhudurg District, asked to prepare a planning report of Rs 125 crore and 150 crore considering depreciation in the value of rupee. He gave instructions in the District Planning Committee’s meeting on Monday.

 The District Planning Committee’s meeting was held in the presidency of Minister in-charge of Sindhudurg District Narayan Rane. Dr Nilesh Rane, MP; Madhusudan Bandiwadekar, President of Zila Parishad (ZP); Subhash Chavan, MLA; E Ravindran, Collector; and Dilip Pandharpatte, Chief Executive Officer of ZP were also present at the meeting. To review the expenses and work during the year, to fast-track new projects and a plan for next year was on the agenda of this meeting. During this meeting, Rane commanded to keep the fund of Rs 4 crore for road repairing instead of approving the works of tourism development.

 The amount of Rs 2 crore in this year and the same in next year totaling Rs 4 crore funds are approved for unrepaired schools in the district. Some roads in Sindhudurg are in dilapidated conditions, Rs 5 crore 33 lack provision is made for the same.

Presently, a medical college in Goa treats the patients from Sindhudurg for free but now even Goa government is planning to charge outsider patients. But if the college is included in the Central Government’s Rajiv Gandhi scheme, free treatment would continue. Hence, Rane instructed the committee to send a proposal to the government in this regards. He also commanded to present a status of Bhagwati Mandir at Munge and issue show cause notices to absent officers in the meeting.

Opposition MLAs boycott for personal interests

Opposition MLAs boycott the meeting without attending it which is incomprehensible. It is understandable if they boycott it after disagreeing on some issues but this behavior is clearly out of their wasted interests. We never differentiated at Taluka voters’ level. The details of expenses are derived officially by considering population and area. I am bringing projects in this district to make it lead in per capita income following Mumbai and Pune but I am being opposed for the sake of opposing. They are trying to uproot our development attempts in this district, said the minister in-charge of the Sindhudurg District Narayan Rane.

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