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Smartphone device can catch skin cancer early

skin cance

Toronto: A tiny device that attaches to your smartphone camera and takes close-up images of moles for analysis can help detect skin cancer at an early stage.

The MoleScope device is a microscope that takes pictures of moles and sends them to a dedicated analysis platform called the DermEngine, where they are studied by doctors.

The MoleScope app and device, developed by Maryam Sadeghi during her PhD research at Simon Fraser University, can keep track of how moles and skin condition alter over time.

“It enables patients to have access to the same system that doctors have in their clinic,” said Sadeghi, who recently presented the device at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver.

The device has already been tested, and has received approval from Health Canada.

Sadeghi said it has even been put to practical use, ‘CBC News’ reported.

“My PhD supervisor, she found her melanoma when she was designing the device, just testing the image quality. We were fortunate that she found it in an earlier stage,” said Sadeghi.

Two versions of the MoleScope are expected to retail at USD 149, and a professional model will cost USD 200.

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