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Smog engulfs parts of Mumbai


Mumbai : A thick blanket of smog has engulfed parts of Mumbai since yesterday due to various factors including drop in minimum temperature to 14 degree Celsius, fire incidents at Deonar dumping ground and high levels of particulate pollutants in the city.

Fire incidents at Deonar dumping ground caused heavy smoke, which soon spread across the eastern suburbs, causing breathing difficulties, weather bureau sources said.

The maximum temperature recorded yesterday at Santacruz was 28.8 degree Celsius, while the minimum was 14 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature recorded at Colaba was 26.6 degree Celsius and the minimum 18.5 degree Celsius.

The reason for the hazy blanket was the high levels of particulate matter 2.5 as these tiny particles in the air are known for reducing visibility.

The air quality in Mumbai will continue to remain between ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’ in the coming days, they said.

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