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Some myths tips about back pain


Dr. Garima Anandani, Chief Spine Specialist, Qi Spine Clinic notes some of the myths about back pain
DSAMyth 1: Exercise causes back pain.

Truth: Strenuous exercise may cause back pain, but regular, moderate exercising helps the back. A healthy spine needs a regular regimen of stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning exercises, such as swimming, yoga and walking.

Myth 2: Surgery will cure back pain completely.

Truth: Though certain spine surgeries can correct deformities or injuries, reduce pain and improve functionality of various kinds, surgery isn’t the only answer for all back issues. In fact, less than 1 % patients require surgery. A few patients have complained that their conditioned worsened after surgery. An accurate diagnosis is critical to ensure what treatment should be given to the patient.

Myth 3: The best cure for back pain is bed rest.

Truth: In reality, in certain cases, bed rest can make the back pain worse.  In acute pain, bed rest may be advised. European guidelines suggest no more than 2 days bed rest followed by walking (after medical consultation). Inactivity can cause the back to become deconditioned, weak and stiff. Apart from this, lying on the bed all day causes depression. This could make the pain last longer.

Myth 4: Back pain and aging go hand-in-hand.

Truth: It need not be so, at all. In fact, back pain is most common in young adults. Good posture along with a good lifestyle, are the keys for a good back no matter what the age.

Myth 5: If I take pain medicine, I will become addicted.

Truth: Most first-line medications recommended for back pain are not addictive. However that cannot be the only solution. They only suppress the pain and do not treat the cause of it. An accurate diagnosis, a defined treatment plan and proper patient monitoring are essential for the treatment.

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