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Sport Right Now launches Rohit Sharma cricket news app

cricket news app

Bengaluru :  Sport Right Now, a UK-based sports news and social media aggregation technology provider, is looking to make inroads into India with the launch of its news aggregation application, Rohit Sharma Cricket News.

“There is a lot of fragmented sports information in Indian market and we want to give a direction. Hence, we are looking to make inroads into India with Rohit Sharma cricket news app,” Right Now Digital COO (Strategic Advisor and Investor) Seetha Chinnappa-Sarwal told PTI here.

Speaking at the launch of the app, he said the company expects to achieve a target of one million downloads in a year’s time.

She said the company is optimistic of reaching the target as Indians make up 40 per cent of cricket fans world over.

Moreover, Rohit Sharma is the most tech-savvy cricketer, who boasts of 7.5 million and 2.8 million followers on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, which is a very potential stream for the company to monetise the cricket app.

Sarwal said the company began its operations in 2010 and for the past four months, it has successfully been adopting strategies to monetise the cricket technology, and Right Now has approximately invested 5,00,000 pounds till date.

“Some of the money was raised by our CEO Simon Reyley and some from Angel Investment,” she said.

Sarwal said the company is keen on taking baby steps in terms of investments, since it is not a 20-year-old player in the market. “Simon started the company in 2010 and took much of the time in building the technology before thinking of monetising the technology,” she said.

The app will serve as the one-stop-shop for cricket news and will bring valuable content to end users, aggregated from various media platforms in digital space, Sarwal said.

To a query, Sarwal said the company also has plans to make foray into tennis, motorsports and football in India.

Asked about the journey so far, Sarwal said it had been wonderful and the company was successful in striking some interesting deals with people including some sporting federations.

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