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Strong oppose raises over proposed water supply to Latur from Rena project


Farmers worried about possible water scarcity which will result in complete end to their farmingĀ 

latur-300x218Latur: The permanent plan for water supply to Latur from Rana medium water project of Bhandarwadi of Renapur taluka has raised strong opposition from the villagers. The villagers are planning a strong agitation to oppose of the decision.

As the Manjara project could not supply water to Latur city for the second time consecutively, most of the drinking water will be taken from Manjara River. If it is necessitated, the administration has taken a decision to make a permanent water supply from Rena project of Bhandarwadi. The decision has made the farmers worried.

Basically, Bhandarwadi medium project is shallow, thus it supplies minimum water. The project also supplies water to Renapur, Pangaon and around 30 other villages.

Farmers of Renapur expressed their pleas. They said that if a permanent water line was made for Latur, still there would be a reservation over the water which would result in a water scarcity. In result the farming in this area would be perished.

Recently the farmers handed a letter of concern to the district collector.

The farmers are planning an agitation to raise their voices. They feel that instead of Bhandarwadi project, the administration should life water from Limboti project at Ahmedpur as it has more water deposition capacity than the Rena project. If a permanent water supply link is made from Limboti project, it will be beneficial for the farmers.

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