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Substandard food to hostel students in Sindhudurg


The Social Welfare Committee discussed about problems of hostel in Sindhudurg in a monthly meeting

hostelSindhudurg: The question of hostels in Sindhudurg district has become more severe. Though the supply of required goods is regular from the government, they are not being used at all, says furious Ankush Jadhav, Chairman of Social Welfare Committee. He also expressed strong disappointment in Committee’s meeting over substandard food being provided to the students in hostel.

A monthly meeting of Zila Parishad’s Social Welfare Committee took place at Barrister Nath Pai Committee hall under the presidency of Chairman Ankush Jadhav. At the venue, Committee members Suresh Dhaval, Sukanya Narsule, Pushpa Nerurkar, Abhishek Chamankar, Namrata Hardas, Shravani Naik, Vrunda Sarang, Subhash Narvekar, Mangala Gurav, Committee’s Member Secretary Sunil Redkar, Account Head and officers were present.

Jadhav said in a meeting that he must visit the Guardian Minister Narayan Rane to resolve this issue of improper food to the hostel students and negligence of hostel superintendent. All the members discussed about this issue during a meeting. Abhishek Chamankar headed the discussion and asked everyone to think seriously about the chaos in management of the hostel and inattention of ladies who cook food in hostel.

The committee has decided in a meeting to visit hostel and investigate about the management. A decision to meet District Officer to pull his attention towards this issue was also taken in a meeting. It is necessary to have control over the hostel. The members of committee also expressed their disappointment as government’s facilities are not reaching to the students who stay in hostel.

Funds are required to complete works soon

Ankush Jadhav instructed the committee to present only completed proposals in meeting for approval. The proposals from Kudal are being incomplete. They decided to instruct Panchayat committee about this and ask them to give completed proposals.

The second installation of funds of Rs 1, 50, 000 and Rs 3, 77, 000 approved by the State government for Tap Water scheme in Kelus and Kochra in Vengurle respectively are expected shortly. Also, Adoli Dalit community needs Rs 1, 58, 000 for development. Immediate action is required for these funds as work will remain incomplete without them, instructed Jadhav.

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