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Super Bowl ad causes outrage on Twitter


Los Angeles: An advertisement by an insurance company shown during Super Bowl has evoked online rage for being too dark and depressing.

Nationwide Insurance ran a commercial that featured a kid talking about how he’ll never be able to get married or travel the world with his best friend because he died in a household accident, reported E! online

. “I couldn’t grow up,” the cherub-faced little boy says to the camera. “Because I died from an accident.” Immediately after the advert was screened, twitter was abuzz with criticisms..

“Thank you, Nationwide, for the most horrible Super Bowl ad ever,” one posted, while another said, “Hope you guys are having a great day. Did you know your kid is probably gonna die soon? Enjoy your nachos & funeral planning!” – Nationwide.”

“Thanks Nationwide. We were all in danger of having a fun Sunday,” read a tweet.

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