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Telangana protesters’ rallies high in Kurnool, Anantpur


Students unions, traders, lawyers’ organizations strongly protest the Telangana decision

andhraAnantpur: Spontaneous protests have emerged against the centre’s decision of formation of Telangana in the parts of Rayalaseema. The decision is meant be ‘a painful’ bifurcation for the residents of Rayalaseema.

The main reason behind the anger and outrage is seen as most of the people have a strong Hyderabad connection. From students to shop keepers, lawyers to politicians, most of the people registered their protest against the decision with their own means.

Shopkeepers expressed a stint of anger against the decision and have decided to express their anger peacefully. On the request of anonymity, one shop keeper said, “We are protesting peacefully. Our motive is clear. We don’t uphold the decision of bifurcation. This will affect our future generations. Hence we have decided to close our shops in protest,” he said.

Hundreds of local government employees gathered on roads and registered their protest over the centre’s decision.

Various local organizations, educational institutes’ premises were seen with people carrying a candle light march, rasta rokos, signature campaigns and slogans shouting against the bifurcation.

The on growing pressure on the policy makers is increasing day by day. The locals including college lecturers and students have made all party local leaders to commit over the stand of unified Andhra Pradesh.

Continuous agitations from past two months in the area have also affected the police presence in the town. Policemen have been deployed mainly near the Congress district party office which was attacked after the Telangana formation’s announcement.


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