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Thane city’s traffic updates on your mobile now!

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‘www.trafficpolice.org’ and ‘Traffic Line’, the mobile app has been launched in public service recently

logo copyThane: Now you don’t have to panic for the traffic worries if you are traveling by Thane. With the fast growing generation of information and technology, Thane traffic police branch has come up with their website and a ‘Traffic Line’ mobile application.

Once you download the app on your mobiles, all the problems regarding the traffic details will be solved easily.

Recently Thane Police Commissioner K P Raghuwanshi inaugurated and launched the website ‘www.trafficpolice.org’ for public service. The website will benefit the residents of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, residents of rural areas along with the visitors coming to Mumbai.

Citizens are proved traffic related complaint box along with other important links on the website. The website also provides information with dedicated pages on safety precautions, signal system, driving related advices, road marking and details about traffic lights.

The traffic police branch has also provided the helpline numbers on the website for emergency situations.

Thane city is developing at a fast speed. In peak hours of morning and the evening, all the main roads including the Ghodabandar road are always flooded with traffic. Sometimes the commuters visiting the area are unaware of the traffic situation in Thane area. Thus they have to bear the traffic problem for no reason. With the website updates and ‘Traffic Line’ mobile app, they can have the latest updates about the situation and can avoid jams.

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