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There is certain apathy towards yoga in India: Shilpa

Shilpa Shetty

Mumbai: Actress Shilpa Shetty feels there is certain apathy towards yoga in India and it’s time people started practising it for overall well-being.

“People abroad have yoga studios and practice it religiously but in India there is a certain apathy towards yoga. It’s high time that yoga was given importance.

International Yoga Day is a great opportunity for people to start doing yoga and bring some discipline in their lives,” Shilpa said in an interview here.

PM Narendra Modi had reportedly invited Shilpa to perform yoga on World Yoga Day tomorrow but the actress won’t be able to make it to Delhi.

“I had already committed to be a part of a public yoga marathon in Bangalore where I would be doing a 30 minute yoga session in front of 25,000 people. I was in London and I just returned this week so it was too late to make any amendments. I won’t be able to go to Delhi,” Shilpa said.

The actress, who has been a yoga follower for almost 14 years, says the practice brings discipline and happiness in life.

“If you really want to lead a happy and healthy life then it’s time to practise yoga. It targets the mind, body and soul. It is a scientific way to staying fit.

“A few years ago, I had cervical spondylitis, that is when I seriously started practicing it as it helps in healing.
Cervical spondylitis is not curable but with yoga it has definitely helped me preventing it to occur again,” she said.

Shilpa revealed that she did not take up yoga to look good. “I have never given a good figure too much importance.
Fitness was my target and one of things that has helped me achieve it is yoga.”

In her family, Shilpa’s son Viaan likes yoga while her husband Raj Kundra is into weight training.

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