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This village needs permanent development!

27 MAS

Anganewadi’s road and water issue need to get solved soon

27 MASMasure:  Anganewadi, the place of belief for lakhs of devotees of Shri Devi Bharadi Devi will soon get flooded in annual fair from 15th February. The annual fair will be held for one and half days in which many devotees are expected to turn up in the fair.

As the number of devotee gather here, the government set up, administration and the villagers plan to provide the facilities. Instead of making temporary arrangements of the services, permanent solutions need to be provided.

Considering the huge gathering, last year a bypass way was created to avoid possible tragedy and chaos in the area. But the road stands narrow while overtaking another vehicle at some locations on the road. Thus the broadening of the road on permanent basis is a need of the hour.

The villagers think that if the roads from Bhoglewadi Titha to Anganewadi temple and Bilwas Titha to Anganewadi temple could be tarred, it would help the devotees and pedestrians.

It is a regular scene that a discussion over the water scarcity issue takes place in the preplanning sessions but efforts stand short and temporary. It is reported that the further work of the Turi Vayangani Lake should be carried out to avoid further water scarcity problem of the area. As the water availability lacks, the Gram Panchayat has to arrange water tankers for the devotees every year.

At present there is a water reservoir near Anganewadi plateau at Devulwada Turi Vayangani. If a lake is built, the water scarcity issue will be solved and almost all the agriculture land can be irrigated. Masure Gram Panchayat kept after the issue at government level and in result Sawantwadi as well as Kankavli division has completed the Survey.

The Short Irrigation Department has even designed a proposed estimate. If the project soon gets sanctioned, the water scarcity issue will be solved for permanent basis.

Each year, many schemes are implemented to solve the villagers’ pleas during the Anganewadi fair. Naresh Angane demanded that the lacunae in the mobile tower here would be resolved on permanent basis before the Anganewadi fair would start.

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