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Thoughts of national heros needs to be preserved: Mahesh Mhatre


Thoughts of national heroes must be preserved

mhatreVasai: Though we celebrate birth anniversaries of Gandhiji and Shastriji, we fail to preserve the thoughts of these national heroes who gave right direction to the nation, said Mahesh Mhatre, Editor, Dainik Prahaar. He was speaking in a seminar named ‘’Suwarta’ Masikane Aamhala Kay Dile’ (What ‘Suwarta’ Magazine gave us) organized here. He honored this seminar in the role of a president.

This seminar was organized in Suwarta’s Readers Fair on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. “The democracy will survive and be honored only if  most backward person in this society having right to vote, express himself through writing and if the majority of people step out of their houses to vote”, he said.

While sharing his rich experiences with other countries, he accurately portrayed in the seminar how we did not take steps to develop our country even after freedom in comparison to other nations. The current president of All India Marathi Literary Conference, Dr Naagnath Kotapalle acted as a president of this event.

The fair was flagged off with melodious bhajan ‘Vaishnav Na To’ by Miss Lawris Almeda. Dr. Anil Avchat, Instigator of Rehabilitation Center called Muktangan, expressed that only a rural person living close to the nature and traditional arts, literature and lifestyle will be able to preserve Marathi language. Today money has become a central point of interest and hence, urban person is running away from the problems. I believe, to polish the relations among people is my culture, he said.

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