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Thousands of students mesmerized with ancient ear exhibition


Archaeological Exhibition at Mumbai University, Demo excavation turns main attraction!

MUMB-PuratatvaMumbai: Many of us have the curiosity to know about the various works of arts created by our ancestors. Whether it would be a monument, a sculptor or a statue, the excitement to know about the past is similar among us.

Thousands of the students in Mumbai experienced the reflections of many ancient typologies at the Kalina campus of the Mumbai University!

Many students experienced the demonstrations of excavation for Stone Age, fossils and also came to knew about finding the old potteries, etc.

The archeological exhibition was started on Tuesday at Kalina campus. The exhibition was organized by Maharashtra State Archeological and Museum department along with India Study Centre and Distance Education department of the Mumbai University.

On the very first day, around 7000 students in Mumbai turned up at the exhibition.

The exhibition is a mixture of varieties. One can see old coins, statues, fossils, old pottery; fossil earlier than BC along with the various stones, fossils could be found from Pune- Ahmednagar to Madhya Pradesh and at states like Rajasthan.

The exhibition also showcases the Warli painting, Modi scripts and a stall showcasing the state gazetteers from before and after the independence era along with the pictures of Persian pyramids, roman forts and roman tombs, etc.

More than 600 students were taught how to excavate and they could found various stones, fresh fossils and old potteries made of mud during the exhibition. The archaeological department was encouraging the students to take part in the demonstrated excavations.

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