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Three bodies recovered from INS Sindhurakshak


Indian Navy extracted three disfigured bodies of its staff from exploded Submarine INS Sindhurakshak.

Launch-ceremony-of-modernised-877EKM-dieselelectric-submarine,-the-INS-SindhurakshakMumbai: Indian Navy, after more than two days of explosion on Submarine INS Sindhurakshak, have extracted three disfigured bodies of its staff, fighting difficult rescue conditions.

“The three bodies recovered are disfigured and not identifiable due to severe burns. The state of the bodies and condition within the submarine leads to firm conclusion that finding any surviving personnel within the submarine is unlikely” according to the Navy press release.

The bodies have been shifted to naval hospital INS Ashwini for DNA sampling to facilitate identification, as informed by the Defence spokesman Narendra Vispute.

Boiling water inside the warship was a major obstacle for the rescuers of the ill-fated submarine. Jammed doors, distorted ladders, oily and muddy water inside the sunken submarine restricted the access to the inner compartments. The total darkness and nil visibility even with high powered under water lamps, made the condition more complicated,” as per the release.

The explosion distorted and twisted the metal within very restricted space further worsening conditions for the divers which resulted in a very slow and labored progress, it adds.

Only one diver could work at a time to clear the path to gain access and it was only after 36 hours of a continuous diving efforts that Navy divers could finally reach the second compartment behind the conning tower in the early hours today.


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