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Ticketless travel in trains on rise


railwayNew Delhi: There is an increase in ticketless travel in trains, Lok Sabha was informed today.

Railways apprehended 115.82 lakh persons for travelling without tickets in 2011-12, the number rose to 137.68 lakh in 2012-13, Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda said in a written reply. In 2013-14, the without ticket travel cases increased further to 148.70 lakh, he said.

The state-run transporter detected 49.01 lakh persons travelling without tickets upto June 2014.

The amount of railways dues realised from ticketless travellers also increased since 2011-12.

Railways realised Rs 477.81 crores as its dues from ticketless travellers in 2011-12, Rs 572.61 cr in 2012-13 and Rs 637.40 cr in 2013-14.

National transporter collected Rs 227.67 cr as penalty from ticketless travellers upto June 2014.

Gowda said various steps have been taken to prevent ticketless travel including conducting regular and surprise checks.

Railways have also launched campaigns through posters, notices and announcements at stations and advertisements in media asking public to avoid ticketless travel.

Railways to have bio-toilets in all coaches by 2021-22

Railways have installed 11,777 bio-toilets in 4,356 passenger coaches till June this year, Lok Sabha was informed today.

It is planned to fit bio-toilets in the entire fleet of coaches by 2021-22, Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda said in a written reply.

There are many trains including Mahanagri Express, Konark Express, Janmabhumi Express, Jodhpur Express, Bundelkhand Express, Mussoorie Express, Aravali Express which have been partially equipped with bio toilets.

He said Railways has spent around Rs 101 crore for installation of bio-toilets in trains in the last three years.

Introduction of bio-toilets in coaches will mitigate the problem of direct discharge of human waste on the tracks.

In a bio-toilet, the human waste is treated by bacteria which converts it into water, and that is why the system is environment-friendly and improves overall hygiene.


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