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Tortoise conservation campaign at Roha


A Tortoise Conservation Campaign will be conducted to protect the existence of sea tortoise and their conservation

turtlesRoha: To protect the existence of sea tortoise and their conservation, a Tortoise Conservation Campaign will be conducted at Shriwardhan zone and Chiplun in association with Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra under Roha Forest Department, informed Ranjitsinh Rane, Deputy Forest Guard at Roha.

Between November and February, Olive Ridley species of sea tortoise return to beaches at Mauje Maral, Harihareshwar, Dive Aagar in Raigarh district to lay and fetch eggs. This campaign aims to protect and conserve these species. Therefore, the eggs are protected by putting nets during the tortoise’s nesting season. Thereafter, new born tortoises are released back to the sea.

Generally, these tortoise become eligible at the age of 15 years to lay eggs. They travel around 4000 km during an year. A female Olive Ridley tortoise lays eggs once or twice during a year. She can lay 100 to 150 eggs at a time and fetch them for 50-60 days.

The female tortoise returns to beaches in group to lay eggs. They put the eggs in pits and sometime they dig the pits already containing eggs laid by other tortoise by mistake. People residing near costal area also dig these pits for eggs. Apart from this, dogs, jackals, mongoose and sea birds also eat tortoise’s eggs.

Tortoise often gets trapped in the nets of fishermen or dies by the wings of ships. These sea species are in danger due to these threats. Hence, to increase their fertilization, protection and conservation, this campaign will be executed by Roha Forest Department with the support and guidance of Assistant Forest Guard Deepak Sawant and Zonal officer of Shriwardhan Mokashi along with Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra.

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