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Tourists’ enthusiasm can take animals’ lives…


Feeding eateries like chips and biscuits can harm the wild animal’s health

MONKEYMumbai: The forest department implements various schemes so as the tourists should visit in numbers to Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The tourists also respond positively. But the over-enthusiast tourists feed the animals with chips, biscuits and other eateries. It is a reason for forest official’s worry as the food can destroy these animals’ health.

Many a times on holidays, tourists visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali. The tourists give more preference to a ride in ‘Vanrani’ mini train. As the Christmas vacations have outnumbered the visitors to the park, the schools and colleges from other areas make it a point to visit the national park. Some of the visitors enjoy a safari in the national park.  Though it is banned to feed the wild animals, some of the over enthusiast tourists feed the animals. In addition there is no security on the safari way when the tourists can see deer and Nilgai. The tourists feed the monkeys and their life is at stake.

Talking with Prahaar, Santosh Saste, Deputy Forest Conservator, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, said, “Feeding eateries like chips and biscuits can harm the wild animal’s health. Tourists should not feed them and it is strictly prohibited. Necessary action will be taken against those found feeding the animals,” he said.

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