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Uber driver arrested for trying to rob customer’s house


Los Angeles:  An Uber driver was arrested in the US state of Colorado for allegedly trying to rob the house of a woman customer after dropping her to the airport.

Gerald Montgomery, 51, went to the woman’s home after driving her to Denver International Airport and attempted to get in through the back door, Denver Post reported.

Investigators say the victim’s roommate was home during the burglary, which happened at around 1 pm on March 26. The roommate allegedly caught Montgomery trying to break in through the back of the home.

Police say he did not know the victim had a roommate. After realising someone was in the house had noticed him, Montgomery fled the scene. He was arrested yesterday.

Investigators were able to connect the burglary to the Uber driver because the victim had taken a screenshot of her receipt, which showed the driver’s picture. She sent that screenshot to her roommate who said that was the guy who tried to break in.

Uber service has become very popular in many countries due to its cheap rides, but the company was forced to announce last week a worldwide code of conduct since an Uber driver was charged with rape in India in December.

An Uber spokesman said the company “takes rider safety very seriously and upon learning about this incident, we reached out to the rider. We immediately removed the driver’s access to the Uber platform, pending an investigation. We continue to be in contact with the rider and will assist the authorities in whatever way we can.”

Uber officials said they have spoken with Montgomery’s passenger, refunded her ride and let her know that Montgomery, who operated on the UberX platform, has been deactivated. UberX drivers operate their own vehicles and are not subject to the same license requirements as taxi or livery drivers.

Uber managers say all driver partners undergo rigorous background checks. Yet an investigation last year by NBCLA.com found several “screened” Uber drivers had long-time felony records, and they found incidents of robberies by Uber drivers, who are considered independent contractors, not Uber employees.

In Chicago, an Uber driver was charged with criminal sexual assault in December. A Boston Uber driver was charged with raping and kidnapping a woman that same month.

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