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Untimely rain goes ‘green’!


You never know what can be served with excessive pollution, when you are counting on nature

IMG-20140121-WA0009Mumbai: You never know what can be served with excessive pollution, when you are counting on nature. Today in a much bizarre way, residents of Dombivli MIDC area experienced ‘green’ rain! Yes, the roads were wet with green colored rain water.

The climate was seen foggy last week but this week the density has been reduced that caused the untimely rains in the city. When the parts of the city were experiencing cool breeze in winter season, nature has shown its colors with untimely rain.

But it is not the same for Dombivlikars as many of them are in fear because of this ‘green’ rain. The excessive air pollution in the city is always a talk of the town. Most of the working class citizens make it a point to choose Dombivli as their residential destination considering the cultural heritage and its distance with the city.

As the pollution in the MIDC area is now a reason to fear for the residents, important question rises on the working of the authorities. Today the citizens witnessed green rain caused due to the chemical steams exhaled from the chimneys of the factories in the area.

Many would wonder to know that hazardous chemical components in the air state can become more harmful when they turn into liquid state and possibly can contaminate major water reservoirs and can badly affect living things. When the officials of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board visited the spot, they were amazed with the rain but left the spot without a word on the rain.

It is reported that the green rain was spread on 3 to 4 km area. This clearly shows the intensity of chemical emission in the area.

Now there is a public outcry about the green rain among the citizens for the few days but the question is would the authorities hear their pleas before it turn out to the chemical rains?

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  1. yes sir…
    its india not forn country that will think about it…all the netaj have to work to improve their self…hahahaha..
    any department ..take anyone
    it is filled by that candidate who have nil knowledge about that department …for filling their own pockets.
    they can only make speech.
    .don’t know what the practical!!!!
    today is green rain tomorrow will orange…
    and one day will come with black..

  2. Thank God, this time nobody is saying ‘bhagwan ki leela’. Atleast the citizens are aware that it’s d factories which are flouting d pollution control norms. Authorities are turning a blind eye as their appetite is being taken care by these businessmen!!!

    Wake up India…time to kick d corrupt politicians out!!!

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