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US should applaud Modi for reform initiatives: Bera

Ami Bera 1

Washington: An influential American lawmaker feels that the US should applaud Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the series of reforms initiated by his government to improve business climate and attract investments.

“Raising the FDI insurance caps, that is a positive step, you know, something that we’ve talked about for a long time and I think we should applaud the Modi administration for taking that step which will certainly help investment flows,” said Congressman Dr Ami Bera.

“I think tackling issues like introducing a land acquisition bill in India is a positive step, not an easy step, but a positive step. So again, I think we should applaud the Modi administration for that,” he said during a Congressional hearing.

“Looking at some of India’s ascension going from a recipient nation to a donor nation, particularly when I look at some of the work they’re in Africa I think it is something that we should applaud,” he added.

Jonathan Nicholas Stivers, Assistant Administrator of the Bureau of Asia at USIAD, said Modi and President Barack Obama are really taking this relationship to a new level.

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