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US warmly welcomes India’s ‘Act East’ policy

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Washington, Nov 7 (PTI) Welcoming India’s ‘Act East’ policy, the US today said it is looking forward to welcome India more in the Asia Pacific region.

“We are well aware of the Look East policy, but we warmly welcome to this new shift ‘Act East’ policy,” a senior administration official told ahead of the three-nation Asia-Pacific visit of US President Barack Obama to China, Myanmar and Australia.

“We think that India’s conception of Indo-Pacific, the notion that India can be working with us on both trade liberalisation agenda in East Asia, but also a security agenda is very welcome,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also travel to Myanmar and Australia to attend the multi-lateral summits later this month.

“We have been very welcoming of Prime Minister Modi’s election. It is a relationship that we are investing in. We just had an wonderful visit just in Washington and we are looking forward to welcome India more in the Asia Pacific region,” the official said.

“Asia Pacific remains a priority (for this administration),” the official said. Obama travelling to the region and attending several regional multilateral summits, indicates that the US firmly believes in a rules based Asia Pacific.

“Rules, norms and institutions are fundamental way to ensure economic openness, ensure peaceful resolution of dispute,” the official said.

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