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USIBC steps ups its campaign on immigration reform

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USIBC stepped up its campaign to address the concerns of the IT industry for certain provisions of the comprehensive immigration reform

US IndiaWashington: US India Business Council (USIBC) that recently established a ‘Coalition for Jobs and Growth’ has stepped up its campaign at the Capitol Hill to address the concerns of the IT industry with regard to the certain provisions of the comprehensive immigration reform, which has now entered the crucial phase.

The USIBC chairman, Ajay Banga, who is CEO of MasterCard, has not only been personally involved in an effort to make lawmakers aware of the provisions of the immigration visas, in particular those related to the H-1B and L-1 visas, but have been instrumental in launching a massive campaign at the Capitol Hill on the lines of the one that was seen during the days of the civilian nuclear deal.

“While USIBC and the Coalition for Jobs & Growth fully support comprehensive immigration reform in the United States, there are five key provisions in the Senate Bill that will significantly harm US companies’ ability to remain globally competitive, which will cost American jobs,” USIBC president, Ron Somers said.

“It is imperative for US and Indian Industry to pull together as never before to help educate the US Congress and the US Administration about why these provisions are discriminatory and how they will hurt American business, as well as our commercial relationship with India,” he said.

“These provisions need to be excised from any final Bill. The Coalition for Jobs & Growth will work tirelessly to ensure this responsible legislative outcome,” Somers said.

Banga has urged lawmakers to ensure that such killer provisions of the bill that is included in the Senate version of the bill is not included in the one to be passed by the House of Representatives.

“High-skilled workers play a major role in the US economy today. They work for our biggest job creators, are often entrepreneurs themselves and are directly contributing to the innovative companies that will employ Americans for generations to come,” Banga said.

“Until the US can produce sufficient numbers of skilled professionals domestically, the reality is that talent must be sourced from around the globe so our companies can continue to compete successfully on the global stage,” he said.

The intensification of the USIBC efforts at the Hill has come amidst nationwide demonstrations calling for comprehensive immigration reform which culminated in a rally in Washington yesterday, during which they urged the lawmakers to pass the immigration reform this year.


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