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‘Advantage’ for Vidarbha: Rane

narayan rane

The ‘Advantage Vidarbha’, the program has turned fruitful and 28 contracts may raise the investment worth Rs 14, 338 crore and 10 lakhs

narayan_rane_biographyNagpur: The ‘Advantage Vidarbha’, the program organized by Maharashtra Industrial Board has turned fruitful and 28 contracts may raise the investment worth Rs 14, 338 crore and 10 lakhs.

Addressing the Vidhan Parishad, Narayan Rane, Industry Minister, said, “Out of 28, three projects are out of Vidarbha and hence other 25 projects would be planned in the land of Vidarbha. This investement will generate the employment in the region.”

He also said that the government has given special incentives to the investors in Vidarbha.

Opposition leader Vinod Tawde has raised the question regarding the project Advantage Vidarbha. Tawde alleged that no developer was allotted land during the program, only contracts have been signed in it. In reply, Rane rejected all the allegations and said that the Advantage Vidarbha was organized on February 25th  and 26th. Out of the signed contracts, five plants had started the production and it has brought the investment of Rs 692 crore. He further said that the development of other six projects is in progress and investment of Rs 7,018 crore is expected out of it. Rane said that eight projects have acquired the land for the projects and it would raise investment of Rs 3,383 crore.

Rane stated that BHEL has started Rs 500 crore project establishment works in Bhandara is started. The Industry Minister said that 367 big industries would invest Rs 30,290 crore. The investment is expected to generate the employment for 90,000 candidates. The number of small and medium businesses is 25,360 and it would generate the employment for 2,30,000 people.

Rane delivered that the planned projects had 110 big industries and it would generate the investment of Rs 57,000 crore and 44,000 people could find employment.

He said that special discounts were offered to attract the investors in Vidarbha. A special discount is given in the electricity charges. Rane said that the industry department recently delivered the funds of Rs 3000 crore for the basic infrastructural development out of which Rs 450 crore had been transferred for the infrastructural development of Industrial colonies in Vidarbha and the government had sanctioned the amount.

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