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Western Railway’s red signal to Godmen!


Godman arrested in poster sticking case

TRAIN-SG-16Mumbai: A regular commuter of the local trains in Mumbai can see the posters of ‘Baba Bengali’ put on the roof tops, walls of the trains claiming 100% success in love, career, business, etc.

The advertisements assures full success and also claim to return the money if the wish is not fulfilled. The posters mention the contact numbers of such godmen.

Recently Western Railway had taken a mission against such godmen and the railway police arrested one godman in a sting operation.

In this operation, a lady constable called on the number given on the poster. The godman asked the lady to meet him at Bhaindar. As per decided the godman reached the spot in Bhaindar. Then he started asking the problem with the lady constable. At the same time two police personnel in the civil dress arrested the godman and his assistant. Both the accused have accepted the charge of fixing the poster on railway property. The court has charged imprisonment and fine.

 Many such advertisements are vandalizing the local trains. Most of the time the poster fixing persons are charged with the crime and those who have given the work are saved. Considering the fact the railway police is committed to arrest the posterwallas.

Till November 2013, the Western Railway has collected the fine of Rs 1.8 lakh in 164 cases and eight persons have been imprisoned yet so far.

The western railway has established a special team to curb with the issue. The team has studied 13 cases and taken action against the posterwallas.

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