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Where is inflation?


The contractors of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) are not affected by inflation and have quoted lower bid than last year.

vegetablesMumbai: While the rates right from goods of basic necessities to vegetables have gone sky high and inflation has disappointed every one, BMC contractors look not affected by inflation at all. They have quoted lower bid than last year for the rates of cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, tomato, onion and potato.

The BMC had invited e-tenders for fruits and vegetables to be supplied to Municipal hospitals and maternity homes in town and suburbs during a year. The rates quoted in these tenders raises the question that ‘where is the inflation?’

In a situation of soaring inflation contractors are quoting lesser bid than last year for the vegetables to be supplied in hospitals which creates the possibility that either contractors are looting BMC by supplying less or vegetable suppliers are creating artificial inflation.

The Corporation has decided to give away contract of Rs 51.61 lakh, Rs 61.1 lakh and Rs 52.93 lakh totaling Rs 165.56 crore respectively to Tejsons Food Pvt Ltd, Sai Vegetable Suppliers and A A M Cheruvattam. The proposal in this regards has been sent to the standing committee for approval and the contract for one year will be given to the companies after approval. Though a layman is burdened with inflation, BMC contractors are enjoying the phase of deflation.

There is doubt about the quality of vegetables

“The rates of vegetables might be low but when they are high in the market and contractors are quoting lower rates for them, there is definitely a room for doubt about their quality. Basically if they are charging such low rates, surely they will not provide good quality of vegetables. But if the quality is good then we must say that last year’s contractors have looted BMC. So these rates have to be investigated. – “Dnyaneshwar Nikam, Opposition Leader, BMC

Vegetables – The rate quoted this year (Rs) – The rate quoted last year (Rs)

Cabbage – 16 – 19

Cauliflower – 22 – 23

Brinjal – 16 – 18

Snake Gourd – 18 – 22

Tomato – 18 – 22

Beans – 32 – 35

Yam – 22 – 27

Lady Finger – 24 – 25

Ivy Gourd – 20 – 24

Onion – 14.80 – 15

Potato – 14.50 – 14.50

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