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World famous Dabbawalas of Mumbai now on Comic books!


‘Tina and Tiffin’, the comic book is a story of dabbawalas life!

tina-and-tifinMumbai: The news about Mumbai’s dabbawala has spread across the seas. The self developed management gurus provide the lunch boxes to the Mumbaikars in time on daily basis. The dabbawala is an integral part of Mumbai now and the work culture and punctuality of their profession has achieved the world class recognition at many times.

Now the dabbawalas will be showcasing in the world of children’s comics! Yes, the children would soon learn the stories of these modern management gurus through their comic books. On December 22, Tina and Tiffin, a comics will be given to the children in a program.

Dabbawalas’ time management, their struggle to reach places is a point of admiration from children to the elders. The idea behind the magazine ‘Tina and Tiffin’ is to make the children aware about dabbawalas’ life.

Creating the magazine is Gangaram Talekar’s concept who is a Secretary of ‘Mumbai Jevan Dabbewala Mandal’. Recently Talekar along with other dabbawalas were in London to promote Jamal Irani’s ‘Tiffin Bytes restaurant’s fifth branch.

Talekar along with other members had worn white clothes and tiffin track on their head and were roaming on the Bank street of London.

There on child asked his mother about them. Coincidently she knew about dabbawalas as they were present at Prince Charlce’s marriage ceremony.

She informed the child efficiently. Talekar thought that children should know about the dabbawalas through comic books. Talekar shared his thoughts to Dr. Pawan Agarwal who is doing a PhD on the dabbawalas’ life.

Agarwal developed the idea and made ‘Tina and Tiffin’ comic book. There is a school going girl named Tina in the comic book. Tina has a curiosity about the dabbawalas. Once Dr. Pawan visits their school and their conversation is a story of the dabbawalas.

Subhash Talekar, spokesman of the dabbawalas, said, “The comic book is specially designed from the children point of view.”

Agarwal said that it is their objective to distribute around 10 lakh comic books to the children in Mumbai as well as in the state.

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