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Wrestling in need of encouragement

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Wrestlers in Maharashtra needs more attention

Kushti 055Mumbai: Last month was very special for wrestling lovers as the position of wrestling remains intact in 2020 Olympics and India won two medals in world wrestling championship held in Budapest (Hungary). It including historic win of Bronze medal in Greco-Roman which will qualify our players for the first time to participate in Wrestling World Championship in free-style. Recently, Pakistani wrestlers were denied entry in Dosti Dangal wrestling tournament in J&K. While so much is happening in the world of wrestling, the wrestlers in Maharashtra are keenly awaiting ‘Maharashtra Kesari’. But they need the confirmation of good appreciations in the form of prizes as well.

‘Maharashtra Kesari’ will be held at Bhosari (Pune) during next two months. Wrestlers have already started practicing hard for it. Though the tournaments are played in earth pits following to it’s traditional format, finals are played on mats. Wrestlers prepare themselves for years to win this tournament. Practicing (Talim) becomes the only objective of their life during these years. In spite of this, these players are not being appreciated with a good amount of prize money and job security Dattatray Jadhav, supporter and promoter of wresting says, “Maharashtra Kesari’ tournament has a great history. But confirm prizes are not yet declared. We demand the prize money of Rs 5 lakh for winner and Rs 3 lakh for 2nd winner to be declared considering struggle and hard work of these wrestlers. We also demand allotment of jobs for them. Till date, confirmed prizes were never declared for this tournament. Like National winners, these winners too should be considered for government jobs. Presenting them just a blunt mace (Gadaa) is not enough.”dattatray_jadhav

Jadhav added, “Like western countries the finals of this tournament is played on mats. The power and determination of a player is tested in this format. The wrestlers in Maharashtra are not behind anyone in quality. They obtain success in various parts of the nation. There has to be organization of wrestling competitions in our state on professional level.”

The government should encourage this important Olympic game to create wrestlers in our state by promoting the participants of Maharashtra Kesari.  Only then Marathi wrestlers can achieve the positions next to Sushil Kumar and Yogeshwar Dutt after Khashaba Jadhav. Presently, from Mumbai, Narsing Yadav and Greco-Roman winner Sandeep Yadav have made the nation proud. They both practice in the center of Sports Association of India (SAI). If the wrestlers in the state will be supported like states such as Delhi and Haryana, there would be more wrestlers from Marathi earth pits following Narsing and Sandeep.

amol_buchadeAmol Buchade, Winner, Maharashtra Kesari in 2006 and Participant of Asian wrestling tournament said, “We have two major wrestling tournaments in state; ‘Maharashtra Kesari’ and ‘Khashaba jadhav’. Maharashtra Kesari require years of hard work, practice and destiny to win. I won the title after tireless struggle of 12 years. The winners should not only be presented with  prize money, but the efforts should be taken to push them to the international level. This tournament should declare guidelines like other well organized competitions. The specific amount of prize money can also be declared. We have wrestlers in the state worth to play Olympics but tracking them is not enough; efforts should be made to promote them as well.”

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